Quality Is What We Provide


Our customers value us for the quality we provide.

We all together originate world-class creations that breathe new life into every
space and make your style come alive through our design concepts, design styling, project management, exquisite finishing, color harmony, interplay of light, acoustics of sound, space dynamics, overall ambience and personality of each creation.


Colour reflections provides decorative solutions to cater for all your needs, from helping plan a single room layout, to curating accessories for an entire property.


Colour reflections offers a full interior design service. Working closely with you, the team creates bespoke designs, incorporating ­fixtures and fittings to suit your lifestyle, taste and requirements.

Colour reflections create project layouts to help you envisage the ­nished result.
Also ensures that your new furniture ­ts, and that the space in your project is used to its full potential. Colour Reflections sources and select everything you need to set up a new project.



The team manages projects from inception tocompletion. If needed, the team also appoints and manages external contractors on your behalf to ensure that the process is completely seamless.

Bespoke Design Services

Colour Reflections interior design team provide comprehensive, full
turnkey solutions for all interior fitout projects. We cover a wide range of business sectors including F&B, Commercial, Residential, Medical and Retail.

Employers Brand requirements

Prepare to succeed! Our Employer’s
Brand Requirements (EBRs) differ from
traditional ‘project briefs’ in
that they extend beyond the usual
‘tangible’ requirements – such as
accommodation schedules, staff
surveys – to capture and convey the
more ‘intangible’ components of our
Client’s aspirations –
personality, culture, how their brand
will be supported. The EBRs set the
project parameters against
which all follow-on decisions can be
tested and prioritized, through design,
delivery and occupation
stages by all project stakeholders.

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